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-          Sports events and programme planning: provide complete events sponsorship, event brand planning, marketing promotion, media advertising, temporary facilities and associate expositions and conferences services.

-          Stadiums consultancy service: undertake full analysis, planning, consultancy, examination and guidance on stadium construction, which run through the planning, proposal design, initial design, implementation plan design, bidding and tendering, construction, project acceptance and operations of the stadium from the start of its construction planning.

-          Sports facilities planning: according to the positioning of the sports facilities functionality, fully analyze the location, investment, scale, layout, technique standards, architectural style and operational environment of the sports project and put forward a construction proposal which meet the customer’s requirements on the events organization and sustainable operation in the life span of the sports facility.

-          Project proposal and feasibility report formulation: explain from professional perspective the background, necessity, content, proposal, investment and social returns of the construction project against the purpose of the facility, suggest an framework design, analyze the rationality and feasibility of certain projects and undertake research and study as well as full range technical and economic analysis before implementation, providing scientific guidance to project decision making.

-          Nationwide sports venues information research, development and consultancy service: research on enterprise marketing, identify potential clients for customers based on customers’ business requirements and the size, category, economic composition and the system that it belongs to (for instance: sports system or education system) of the stadium, convert data into operational decisions and help customers’ build related client marketing system.

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