> “Coals-In-Snow”

China Sports Lottery “Coals-In-Snow Project” is a project to provide assistance in building comprehensive public sports facilities across China using the sports lottery public welfare fund, which is a requirement to fulfill the National Fitness Plan of the State General Administration of Sports and satisfy the growing sports and fitness needs of the aged, minority groups, bordering provinces and the wretched areas. Since 2001 and up to 2008, the State General Administration of Sports invested nearly RMB 400 million sports lottery public welfare fund and assisted building 258 public sports facilities projects, benefiting 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). In the document “The Party Central and the State Council’s Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Sports Work in Modern Times”, it was clearly pointed out that “the ‘Coals-In-Snow Project’ which assists building public fitness facilities should be continued and the establishment of the ‘Coals-In-Snow Project’ shall be listed as a long term task”.

Entrusted by the State General Administration of Sports, CNSG fully participated in the implementation and management of the project since September 2004, providing consultancy, services, examinations and guidance. We closely communicated and coordinated with each of the assisted party in the principle of volunteering spirit and serving the locals, providing due services in terms of primary procedural progression, overall speed control, basic construction procedures control, project investment and sports techniques consultancy.

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