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CNSG took responsibility of large amount of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games stadium construction and management tasks, including the sports facilities techniques design for the National Stadium (the Bird’s Nest), building and movement of the modular movable sports turf, supply of special tiles for the National Swimming Centre (the Water Cube), sports technique design for the Wukesong Sports Culture Centre and Baseball field, operations management of the Olympic Park Hokey and Archery Courts, feasibility report for the Beijing Shooting Range, construction projects management and sports surfaces, feasibility report and construction project management of Beijing Velodrome, primary stage feasibility report of the Olympic Centre, construction project management of the Olympic Mountain Bike Competition housing and the supervision of Beijing Laoshan Small Wheels Vehicle venue, all of which directly contributed to the smooth execution of the events and competitions. We also completed with quality the operations proposal design for the National Swimming Centre (the Water Cube), project management of the National Team Track Training Field and construction of the bicycle track in the National Training Base for Disabled and the management, design and construction of many associate training and support facilities.

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